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Haûte Health

‘HAÛTE HEALTH’ By Hospitalia The Ultimate Lifestyle Guide

Obesity rates in Bahrain spark alarm; with one of the highest in the region- which pushed and inspired the creation of Haute Health by Hospitalia; a lifestyle brand aimed to promote healthy living and eating. Haute Health is for anyone who wishes to embark on a healthier journey in life. We would like to inspire a generally healthier community and tackle the rising issue of obesity. Unlike many falsely claimed ‘crash diets’ circulating nowadays (which deprive the body of essential nutrients and promote unhealthy eating habits and eating disorders) our intention is to provide fueling nutritious foods realistic for the long haul. This entire project is somewhat an extension to Hospitalia by Yara. All the food is doctor-approved, backed by science and nutrition experts and can be combined with the non-surgical weight loss services at the clinic for added benefits.